CTMC Webinars

All CTMC webinars are open to anyone who is interested (not just the enrolled course participants). All webinars are recorded and posted below for later review. Please click here to evaluate each webinar.


Objectives of the webinar series

  1. Participants will improve their knowledge of the design and conduct of clinical trials in the neurosciences;
  2. Analyze the information presented; and
  3. Integrate relevant content into the design and conduct of clinical trials.

Core competencies

  1. Medical Knowledge
  2. Professionalism
  3. Systems-Based Practice

Unless otherwise stated generally webinars are held on the 2nd and 4th Fridays at 12PM EDT – please use a computer with webcam, or the Zoom app if possible. DO NOT CALL AND USE COMPUTER AUDIO SIMULTANEOUSLY. 

Please come to the webinar with questions and ready to share your thoughts. Please note the topics listed below are subject to change based on feedback and presenter availability. 

Evaluation: Please EVALUATE each webinar here.

2022 Webinar Schedule

April 22: Designing Meaningful Early Phase Clinical Trials *2 hours – Course Directors Recording

May 20: Specific Aims - Presented by Jordan Elm, PhD and Robert Silbergleit, MD Recording | Slides

May 27: Open Forum Q&A – Course Directors Recording Recording

June 10: What to Know About Sample Size - Presented by Sharon Yeatts, PhD Recording 

June 24: NINDS Health Disparities & Global Health Agenda / Common Data Elements - Presented by Carolina Mendoza-Puccini, MD & Richard Benson, MD, PhD Recording | Slides 1 | Sildes 2 

July 8: Open forum Q&A & Pre Residential Course Information – Course Directors (open only to trainees) Recording

No webinars in August

October 21: Ethical Issues in Acute and Chronic Neurological Conditions - Presented by Michael Linke, PhD | Recording | Slides

October 28: Optimizing Clinical Trial Design in Rare Disease - Presented by Melanie Quintana, PhD |  Recording | Slides

November 4: From Statistical Significance to Clinical Significance: Time to Dethrone or get rid of Significance? - Presented by Lehana Thabane, PhD | Recording | Zoom Link